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Automation Nation, Inc. (ANI)

We are a Houston-based automation software engineering and service company that specializes in advanced water and wastewater treatment.

ANI Introduction

   Automation Nation, Inc. (ANI) is a Houston-based automation software engineering and service company that specializes in advanced water and wastewater treatment.  For over 15 years, ANI has focused on helping clients migrate towards a philosophy of ownership, investment, protection, and leverage in automation software and information assets.  These assets include reusable software and documentation that help to simplify, standardize and improve automation implementation, process operations and automation support.

Software Engineering Life Cycle

  ANI builds and maintains client software assets using  a proven tool set and a professional approach to software engineering that not only ensures that the software meets all requirements, is reliable and supportable but that it also allows for upgrades and refinements to address the full life cycle of the software asset.

  Developing a quality Software Requirements Specification (SRS) and using proven tools in the design will reduce the time spent implementing and testing.  Newly identified features are an opportunity to build and verify new tools using rapid prototyping techniques.  New features are often focused on improving process visibility for operations and technical support.

Automation Optimization

  The ANI Team utilizes software engineering and automation expertise to provide technical support including, maintenance, troubleshooting and optimization.   ANI applies continuous process improvement to automation, which is a perpetual cycle of assessing information, prioritization and taking action.

  ANI has a long history of helping clients develop and optimize advanced water treatment processes including dewatering, combustion engineering, heat drying, disinfection and material handling.   Specific actions include process data collection and analysis, identifying maintenance issues, trouble-shooting, repairing and refining software.  Actions can also include using the automation software to record, report and promote optimization accomplishments.

Water & Wastewater Construction Projects - 2000 to Present

Project User Interface

   Responsible for software engineering including control, HMI and data collection for facility automation upgrades.  This work also includes advanced process control, system startup and support services for over 100 new and retrofit construction projects.  ANI programs are active in over 500 facilities and over 1000 PLCs.

Separation Software Engineering Software and Support - 2008 to Present 

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  ANI plays an important role in startup and process optimization.  Projects include rotary drum, belt, flash and fluid bed dryers in more than ten U.S. cities.

    ANI provides software, process and information engineering for drying systems. Scope includes control, HMI, data collection and reporting software.  

Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Software Engineering and Support - 2000 to Present

   ANI was responsible for all the software engineering for a completely new control system for the entire facility.  The work was separated into several construction projects including all process areas; clarification, disinfection, thickening, digestion, O2 production, centrifugal dewatering, sludge drying, product storage and handling.

Software Engineering for Package Systems - 2000 to Present

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   Software engineering for package systems include, Centrifuges, Belt Presses, Blowers, Grit Systems, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Multi-Fuel Burners, Pump Skids, Polymer systems, Lift Stations, Screeners, Disinfection, Dry Product Conveying and Storage…

SCADA Software For Wastewater Operations - 2008 to Present

Project User Interface  

   The application currently monitors over 40 WWTP facilities and 450 lift stations.  ANI continues to be part of the SCADA Team and provides software engineering technical support.

     ANI was the software engineering firm responsible for developing the architecture and the primary software components and tools to aid the customer staff in the implementation phase.     

SCADA System Design and Support - 2003 to Present

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   ANI also provides ongoing technical support for all automation related service for these facilities.

     Developed new SCADA system and software for the control and monitoring of over 40 facilities including lift stations, wastewater plants, water plants and wells.  

HDBF Production Support and Marketing Contract - 2006 to Present

Project User Interface

   ANI is responsible for all marketing and distribution of the heat dried biosolids fertilizer produced by our customer's WWTP Process.  The contract includes responsibility for the operation, maintenance optimization of the storage, conveying and truck loading systems.

Dryer/Fertilizer Production Facility Maintenance Service Contract - 2003 to Present

Project User Interface

   Subcontractor responsible for repair and replacement of the controls and instrumentation at our customer's WWTP drying facilities.  Includes responsibilities for automation retrofit design and continuous process optimization.   

Automation Nation Service:

  • Automation Software and Information Engineering
  • Large Scale SCADA/HMI Design, Test and Support
  • Control Software Engineering for Advanced Processes and Packaged Systems
  • Control Network Design, Security and Management
  • Complete Automation Field Support Service (Sensors Through Software)
  • Motor Control Support - VFD and Soft Start

Automation Nation Key Philosophies:

  • Information Engineering
  • Define Common Automation Terminology for All Stakeholders
  • Develop Common Automation Symbology for All Stakeholders
  • Use Professional Software Engineering Methodology Considering the Full Life Cycle
  • Use ANI Tool Set to Build, Leverage and Protect Client Software Assets
  • Simplicity - Understandable by all Stakeholders
  • Sustainability-Reliable, Quickly Repairable and Upgradeable
  • Minimization of Types and Quantity of Terms, Symbols, Software, Hardware, and Networks
  • Maximize Process Visibility for Operations, Tech Support, and Process Engineers

License and Certifications:

  • Licensed Electrical Contractor
  • Licensed Professional Software Engineering Firm
  • Certified SBE, DBE by the City of Houston and TXDOT
  • Danfoss Drives ASP (Authorized Service Partner)
  • VTSCADA Certified Solution Provider
  • Product Relationships  Include:


  • Citect
  • GE iFIX
  • Microsoft Thin Client
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk
  • Siemens 
  • VTScada
  • Wonderware
  • Zenon HMI


  • AB Control Logix
  • AB SLC500, PLC-5
  • GE
  • Modicon
  • Quantum
  • Siemens 505
  • Siemens S7


  • Allen-Bradley
  • Cisco
  • Danfoss Drives
  • Endress+Hauser
  • Rosemount
  • Siemens

Career Opportunities with Automation Nation, Inc.

Automation Nation is always seeking to hire motivated individuals interested in working in Industrial Automation; those with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Science, and Information Technology are encouraged to apply.

Please forward your resume to the e-mail address below: